Travel Dates  

Austin/ San Antonio          October 14-16th

New Orleans                      October  22-24th

New Orleans                      November  27-29th

Austin                                December 3-5th


I had a wonderful time at DomCon in New Orleans.   The shopping was as much fun as all the wonderful meals and visiting with good friends.  My new Vacubed is going to be my favorite toy for a while.  A wonderful slave wanted to see me smile and decided to buy it for me.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the purchase.   

October 4th-8th            DomCon New Orleans Trip

Dec. 1-2nd   ClubFem Tri-Cities Party

  The ClubFem annual Tri-Cities party was amazing.  It was great to visit with friends from all over Texas and the food was fantastic.  All the boys dressed up in holiday decorations made things so festive.  


Austin/ San Antonio          Jan. 4-6th

New Orleans                     Jan. 17th-19th  

New Orleans                     Feb. 14th-16th

Austin                               Feb. 7th-9th